Monthly Archives: March 2019

Andy Shay | S1 E7

Andy Shay is the second youngest of seven, growing up in Cortland as the only one of his siblings playing lacrosse. He developed as a player at Le Moyne.

Shay worked for UPS until 3 a.m., drove a zamboni at a figure skating center and took a number of odds jobs before making his mark at Delaware and then moving onto UMass.

Now years later, Shay is a national champion coach at Yale. He led the Bulldogs to the NCAA title in 2018, He joins Paul Carcaterra to reflect on his rise and his vision for Yale.

Mike Powell | S1 E6

Mike Powell was born into one of the most influential families in the history of lacrosse. He may have been the best of his brothers on the field, but what separated him was his creative interests.

Now a musician and artist by trade, Mike Powell rarely watches lacrosse, but has two decades of memories to reflect upon. He joins Paul Carcaterra for Episode No. 6 of Overtime to discuss his illustrious career and why he’s content with life as an artist.

Kylie Ohlmiller | S1 E5

Kylie Ohlmiller committed to Stony Brook when the program was an afterthought among the elite in Division I women’s lacrosse. Fast forward four years, Ohlmiller left her legacy as one of college lacrosse’s greatest talents, transforming the Seawolves program in the process.

Ohlmiller now sets her sights on growing the women’s game and using her platform to uplift others playing the sport. She’s a full-time lacrosse star, and now she’s a member of Team USA. Listen to Ohlmiller’s story in Episode 5 of Overtime.