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Kyle Harrison | S2 E6

Kyle Harrison, the son of Morgan State legend Dr. Miles Harrison, had lacrosse in his DNA. He learned the game in the Baltimore suburbs, eventually taking his talents to Johns Hopkins.

He played multiple sports, but fell in love with lacrosse and pursued a career in the sport after an illustrious college career. Since then, he’s changed the sport for the better, raising its awareness on the national stage and advocating for inclusion for all people.

Now he’s taking on a new challenge with the Premier Lacrosse League. Harrison talks with Paul Carcaterra about his life, his remaining lacrosse career and why his advocacy matters for the sport.

Mike Golic Jr. | S2 E5

Mike Golic Jr. is a budding media personality at ESPN, but he’ll never forget his roots. Golic Jr, the son of the legendary ESPN radio host, grew up playing lacrosse and football in Connecticut.

He later attended Notre Dame for football, but he never lost his love for lacrosse. Years later, Golic Jr. is back to the sport, calling multiple games with the ESPNU crew this season.

Golic Jr. joins Paul Carcaterra to talk about his lacrosse beginnings, trying out for the NFL, his relationship with his father and the state of lacrosse today.

Scott Ratliff | S2 E4

Scott Ratliff is the pride of Atlanta. He grew up there and it’s where he found the game of lacrosse, a sport seldom seen in the area at the time.

Eventually, he committed to play college lacrosse for the Loyola Greyhounds, where he won the school’s first national championship as part of a legendary rope unit in 2012.

Now, Ratliff is a professional lacrosse player, and he’s giving back to the game he loves so much. Ratliff has traveled the world through the Give & Go Foundation and other organizations, coaching and sharing his passion for lacrosse.

Joe Tsai | S2 E3

Joe Tsai moved from Taiwan to the United States to attend the Lawrenceville School when he was 13. He wanted to play baseball there, but instead found the game of lacrosse.

He developed a love for the game that took him to Yale, where he played collegiately. In his post-lacrosse career, he co-founded Alibaba, in addition gaining ownership of multiple professional sports teams. He’s one of the most successful businessmen in the world. Yes, the world.

He continues to support the sport of lacrosse like no one ever has. He sits downs with Paul Carcaterra to share his story, from the first stick to his unprecedented business success.